Sunday, January 1, 2012

new blog!

For those that still check out this blog....Kristi and I have created a new blog to detail our lives together. We'll both be sharing on the new one. We'll also try and keep you update and what's going on with each of us. 2011 was a great year...2012 is going to be incredible!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Iowa Mission...

Today we started out for our annual Iowa Mission Trip. This year, i decided to bring my computer and blog a little about what goes on. I'm not sure if this will be an every night thing but we'll see.

Today started out EARLY! Kristi and I left the house about 6:30am to get to church. We were supposed to be at the church at 7:00. We ended up leaving around 8ish. We drove about an hour and half to Cookeville,TN and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Back in the vans for another hour and half ride...bathroom break...An hour and half ride...lunch at Chick-fil-A. Nothing like the Christian Chicken on mission trip. Very fitting. Then back in the vans to our hotel in O'Fallon. We're actually staying about 15-20 mins east of St. Louis. Riding down I was in the white van....which was awesome! We had AC!!! It was 99 degrees!! The blue van's AC messed up and those guys had to sweat it out. We got it fixed so, hopefully all will be well. We're all pretty tired from the ride. Tomorrow we're looking at another long ride.

Be praying for us that God would open some doors for ministry this week!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Weekend!

This week has flown by. Monday and Tuesday I enjoyed with Kristi at home but on Wednesday and Thursday I had the opportunity to travel to Copperhill (i think), TN. It's where TN, NC, and GA all connect. It was a 2.15 mins from Knoxville. I rode down and led worship for Black Oak Heights student ministry. It was fun. I got home late Wednesday night at like 11:45. Thursday it was past midnight. I have a GREAT wife b/c she waited up on me! She even had to work on Friday and still waited up on me! I got to witness several people pray to receive Christ. It was awesome!

This weekend is the first weekend in a LONG time that i've not had anything to do. So, today Kristi and I drove to Pigeon Forge and hung out there. Then we had dinner at Blue Coast Burrito in Market Square. That place rocks! Market Square in Knoxville is awesome! Lookin' forward to church in the morning. Hoping to hit Kentucky Splash OR a swimming pool tomorrow and or Monday.

Peace out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

No Other Love - story behind the song

This is a behind the scenes of our latest radio single called "No Other Love". We hope you like the song. Please contact your local radio station and ask for "No Other Love" OR "Come And See" by LIFE WIDE OPEN

End of June

It has been awhile since I last posted in March. A lot has happened since then. The major thing happened May 21st...I got hitched! Life has been absolutely a blur since. Our lives are so busy! I'd love to start making some regular posts. Hopefully, i'll be transitioning into a new blog soon!!! I'm working hard towards that end. Hopefully there I can post more! More pics, more talking about life, etc. We settled in East Knoxville for now. It honestly wasn't the ideal side of town but, we're growing to like it. Its really not that bad and we've found it to be convenient to pretty much anything we need. This marriage thing is going well. I mean we're a little over a month in and we're still adjusting nicely. After NOT sharing a bed for 28 almost 29 years...that transition has been quite entertaining. We had our first major storm here in Knoxville that scared us to death. At 1:30am a tornado decided to roll through town. A text message woke me up and gave me the news. That made for a rough night! We never lost power yet i ran through the house with a flashlight in hand and the lights out. Kristi laughed awhile over that.

Since my last post, we made the news because of some serious storms that came through. our church lost our steeple...our pastor made the national media on several outlets. It was pretty cool.We just launched last week into our summer schedule with the student ministry at Belmont Heights. This summer we'll be doing multiple cookouts, Iowa mission trip, Six Flags, and tubing at Deep Creek. On top of that below. Actually, music wise....check the side and see where i'll be.

I'm still playing with LIFE WIDE OPEN and playing a few select worship places. God continues to use this band and this ministry for His Glory. I'm honored to be a part of it. God continues to open up crazy random doors for Kristi and I and its awesome. I'll leave you with a few pictures from our honeymoon. We were blessed to have been able to go somewhere neither of us had ever been, Cancun Mexico. We had a blast and it was absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music, Engagement, & Life!

I had the opportunity to play with LIFE WIDE OPEN at Ridgecrest Conference Center two weekends ago. I grew up right down the road from there and I had never been to Ridgecrest. Well, ok so I moved to Knoxville, TN over three years ago and took the youth group there when I first started to the same conference. It’s crazy that four years ago I was watching LIFE WIDE OPEN and then this year I was playing with them and leading worship! This place is absolutely beautiful. God has His hand on this place! It was probably a highlight of my music ministry. I’ve been involved with music for years and this was an amazing experience. I’ve recorded my own EP, led worship for churches, revivals, etc. I had the privilege of leading worship in Poland to 15 people and this particular weekend in front of 1200 people. Those two experiences will be remembered for a LONG time. It was a surreal experience seeing these students lay down their pride and worship God with reckless abandon. They did not care about the people around them and worshiped God. There were over 40 churches that were present. God moved greatly that weekend. I will post pictures soon. The music front is still going strong. We’ve had several radio stations across the country pick up our second single “No Other Love”. To all those in radio land…we THANK YOU for picking this song up. The story of this song is that we often look for love and acceptance in so many places. I am engaged and that is a “special” kind of love. It doesn’t even compare to the love that God gives. No other love is greater and stronger! If you have a moment, please check out our Facebook page. “Like it” if would! Also, listen to our single there. Comment on our page…WE LOVE IT! I’ll be doing two radio interviews this week with KVCO in Camdenton, MO and with WWIB in Chippewa Falls, WI. Should be fun!

The engagement is still going great. The planning is going great! Well, from my standpoint. Kristi is feeling a ton of pressure and I can totally understand. This is the big day that we’ve both waited for and I know she wants it to be perfect. She’s doing a good job. Her dress is purchased, location, and details have been finalized. The HONEYMOON is purchased!!!! I can’t wait to marry that woman! We started our pre-marital counseling last night. It was interesting but for us to actually sit down and talk about these questions was a highlight for me. I enjoy hearing how God is making us holy through our engagement and will do so in our marriage. The goal of a successful marriage or one of the goals (I’m sure there are many) is to have a right relationship with God. Bottom line, we’re both excited to “do” life together. I know for fact that we both want God to greatly use us. We want to be available and willing to do and go where ever He sends us. We want our lives to have an eternal impact.

I just want to say that I serve with some amazing people at my church. God continues to blow my mind. Our young adults are growing and it is so encouraging to see. People are coming to know Christ through this ministry! Go EVE!!!!! Lives and marriages are being changed and transformed. Our student ministry is plugging right along as well. The students are still clicking with me which is great! It allows me to be an influence in their lives. We still have a ways to go, but we’re getting there! Life in Christ is a journey and a process. On a bright note, our pastor baptized one of our students this past week along with his daughter!!!! God is moving in our church! Honored to serve alongside of him and the staff, deacons, and volunteers at a church!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Waffle House, Music, and Engagement

Ok, so the three don’t really go together although they could. Just not in this blog post. I felt it was fitting to update on some things.

Music Side: I’ve moved over to playing acoustic guitar for the band. It’s a position that I’m really enjoying because I’m much more confident in playing guitar!! On top of that, I’m starting to sing some lead vocals. I’m pretty excited about that. We’ve been practicing a lot here lately and that’s in large part to us playing one of the biggest shows of the year for the band. We’ll be at Ridgecrest Conference Center this weekend. It’s also going to be the largest crowds I’m playing in front of. It’s estimated that there will be over 1200 people there. It should be a fun time! Our second single has gone out to radio about two weeks ago. Things are going well on this front!

Waffle House: SO, after practice this past weekend…I thought it would be nice to meet my roommate to eat at Waffle House. He always wants to eat there. I ordered one of their 15 meals for under 5 bucks…sounds good? I ordered 3 scrambled eggs w/ cheese (which didn’t look like 3) and hash browns. It tasted great b/c I was super hungry and hadn’t really ate anything all day. 2 am rolls around. TORTURE!!!! I’ve never had food poison but this thing killed me. It’s something I don’t wish on anybody. NO WAFFLE HOUSE FOR ME!

Engagement: Things are moving along quite nicely. We’re coming up on our first wedding shower. I’m quite excited about it. Our honeymoon has been picked. We know what were going to do. We’re both excited to be getting out of the country and going on a little adventure! This whole process of the engagement has been really a God thing. I’m simply amazed at what all He is doing in our lives. He’s growing us, strengthening us, and leading the way. It’s been quite humbling. I’m anxious to see where He leads.